Increase New Self-Funded Admissions With Ally

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Articles, Care Homes, COVID-19

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Across the care industry, new resident enquiries and admission rates have drastically slowed down. Investing in tools that help you provide safe care are key to demonstrating that your care home is the right choice for new residents, and increasing new admissions.

The ‘new world’ includes long-term management of coronavirus. This makes prospective residents and their families extremely conscious of where they want to live or place their loved ones. As a result, competition amongst care homes for self-funded residents is even greater than prior to the pandemic.

Ally helps care homes improve occupancy rates by standing out from their competition, and keep their residents in occupancy for longer via better care outcomes. 

Why is investing in new tools the route to higher occupancy?

Resident safety and quality of care have always been hugely important to residents and their families. Evidenced-based information about how your care home handles this helps you to stand out from your competitors.

Filling one additional bed per year creates a 500-700% RoI, depending on your fees. Learn about return on investment from installing Ally.

How Ally improves safety and infection control

Ally helps your care home demonstrate covid-secure status in four critical areas:

Lower Infection Risk

Ally Resident Monitoring ensures 75% fewer physical touchpoints per resident, reducing the internal risk of Covid-19 transmission.

50% Fewer Falls

Using Ally ensures timely care for residents as they move around their room, helping care homes halve the number of falls residents experience. 

20% Fewer Hospital Admissions

The Ally alert system prompts staff with information they might not otherwise have (including cough detection), ensuring early health interventions.

Better Sleep, Healthier & Happier Days

Continuous remote monitoring means staff have less need to check on sleeping residents, which improves sleep quality and wellbeing. 

Read Friend’s of the Elderly’s case study

Care homes that use Ally are able to prove the benefit of acoustic resident monitoring, as this resident’s family shared:

“Without the Ally system, Mum’s cardiac arrest could have been undetected until the next scheduled check. I am so grateful Friends of the Elderly has implemented this innovative system.”

Friends of the Elderly’s case study about Ally within their homes has more detail – click to view it.

Book a demo to see how Ally can transform care, improve infection control, and help your care home stand out for new admissions.