Reduce Infection Risk & Staff Pressure

Read Our CEO's Statement on COVID-19
In this difficult time, we at Ally Labs are working to support care homes in their ability to manage the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic for their residents and staff.

Our resident monitoring system is helping care homes reduce the rate of COVID-19 transmission and supports wider workforce resilience through helping; safely isolate residents, reduce staff and resident contact, identify symptoms earlier and reduce overall staff workload.

If you are in the process of applying for the Government’s Social Care Infection Control Grant, you can contact us directly for more information on how we can help you apply.

We hope our product will make it easier for many care homes to provide safe and effective care even with limited resources during this difficult time.

— Thomas Tredinnick, CEO at Ally Labs

Ally’s advanced resident monitoring system supports infection control in care homes, improves resident safety and reduces staff pressure.

Safely Reduce Staff and Resident Contact

Ally’s wireless monitoring system automatically alerts staff when residents, alone in their rooms, need assistance: getting out of bed, calling for help or in distress. This allows staff to check only when needed on sleeping or isolated residents.

Ally is proven to reduce the number of checks on average by 75% while reducing falls by 55% and hospital admissions by 20%.

Identify Symptoms Earlier

Staff are notified in real-time to residents coughing fits, whilst care home managers can access daily cough reports, helping care homes identify COVID symptoms earlier.

Reduce Staff Pressure

75% fewer regular checks mean staff have 40% more time. This helps staff better manage the increases in workload, whether due to infection control measures or staff shortages.


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