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Our Mission

We at Ally are on a mission to help care homes transform their night-time care.

Our aim is simple: to enable teams to provide safer, person-centered care to residents. All while giving staff the gift of time to better do the jobs they love!

Founder Story

Ally was started when the founders saw first hand how difficult the current task-based care model in care homes made it for staff to provide residents the right care at the right time. This difficulty is magnified during the night when residents are alone in their rooms.

Regular hourly or two-hourly checks provide comfort to staff and families that residents are safe during the night, but this process has the undesirable consequences of waking residents up, consuming large amounts of staff time and leaving a large window where staff can miss residents requiring assistance.

So We Made Ally

With Ally, we pictured a simple, person-centered care tool that provides care homes across the sector with an AI-powered monitor that enables care to be provided with a needs-based model, not a task-based one.

We are extremely proud to hear the amazing feedback from happier staff and managers across the sector but also to see the numbers speak for themselves. Care homes using our system average a reduction in night-time falls of 63% and hospital admissions by 56%, all while ensuring residents get a better night’s sleep and delivering staff 30% more time to care.

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