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Recent Articles

Case Studies

The Lawns Nursing & Residential Care: Ally Drives Down Falls & Hospital Admissions

The Hereford and Worcestershire Falls Prevention Project, with Community Housing’s TECS partnered with Ally to reduce falls and hospital stays at The Lawns

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The solution exemplifies how technology can deliver personalised remote monitoring that is proactive rather than reactive to incidents, ultimately enhancing the well-being of residents.

Melanie Dawson, Home Manager, The Lawn

The system has released staff time during the night, allowing carers to allocate more time to personalised care and engagement with residents within the home.

Melanie Dawson, Home Manager, The Lawns

This kind of technology has been marvellous in enabling our residents to live their very best possible life.

Melanie Dawson, Home Manager, The Lawns

Friends of the Elderly: Teams More Satisfied; Residents Safer

Friends of the Elderly installed Ally Smart Check-Ins in a 36-bed care home to give staff more time and improve the quality of night-time care for residents. Installation and training took two days.

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We have learned so much about our residents through the system, which means our care is more appropriate and beneficial for them.

— Elaine Banks, Home Manager, Malvern

Before Ally was installed, my team would often find residents had fallen in their room. This was distressing, especially since we wouldn’t know how long they had been there.

— Elaine Banks, Home Manager, Malvern

After the first week, we decided to extend these checks from 2 to 4 or 5 hours. Our residents are now clearly sleeping better.

— Elaine Banks, Home Manager, Malvern

Greensleeves Transform Their Night Time Care with Ally

Greensleeves Care invested in retrofitting Ally’s wireless acoustic monitoring system for Harleston House, a 39-bed specialist dementia care home. Their goal was to improve the quality of their night-time care for residents whilst also giving staff more time to care.

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All our relatives have really embraced Ally. We can now give relatives so much more information than before and show how much our care has improved.

— Susan Graham, Home Manager, Harleston House

As a care home manager, I sleep better at night as I know my night time care is outstanding with Ally.

— Susan Graham, Home Manager, Harleston House

Ultimately Ally has been hugely positive for my night staff who are all now so much happier and more engaged.

— Susan Graham, Home Manager, Harleston House


What are the benefits for residents?

Residents receive safer and more responsive care that is shown to reduce the number of falls at night-time and hospital admissions while also improving sleep and wellbeing throughout the day. Read more about how Ally helps residents.

What are the benefits for staff?

Freeing up staff time from unproductive tasks and empowering them to provide more targeted , effective care while learning more about the needs of their residents can improve staff satisfaction levels. Read more about how Ally helps staff.

What are the benefits to care home owners?

By reducing hospital admissions and improving resident sleep, owners offer safer and more comfortable facilities while also improving occupancy rates. Learn how Ally benefits care home owners.

How does the product work?

Ally’s resident monitoring system consists of an acoustic monitor in each resident’s room and an app for staff. The system detects resident activity and dynamically schedules intermittent care visits and provides alerts for staff to review. See more product details.

How easy is it to start using Ally?

Very! Unlike other systems, our acoustic monitors can be installed by yourself, using WIFI-credentials loaded before we send the devices to you. Setup is and training is easy and we provide remote support. Simply switch them on to start improving safety and care. Read about installation, setup and training is with Ally.

Is the system private and secure?

Ally is fully GDPR compliant and uses best-in-class technology to provide additional layers of security. Read about our GDPR, security and privacy policies

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