Ally helps care staff provide safer and more efficient night-time care with acoustic monitoring.

Transform Night-Time Care

Ally is a resident acoustic monitoring system for care homes. It’s easy to install, secure and provides immediate benefits for owners, staff and residents.

We Proudly Work With

Care England recommends care homes use Ally to provide safer and more efficient care.
Ally has been supported by NHS digital to bring AI-based care into care homes.
Ally teamed up with KareInn, a Digital Care Planning system provider, to prove the benefits of acoustic monitoring.
Friends of the Elderly is both a long time customer and research partner of Ally.
Greensleeves Care is a multi-award-winning, care charity using Ally

Learn how Ally can help your home, staff and residents.

Real Value for care homes

Ally’s Resident Monitor uses sensors and AI to monitor care home residents when alone in their rooms during the night. The system alerts staff instantly when residents require care, freeing staff from time-consuming regular checks that often wake up sleeping residents.

With the help of electronic care planning software and with support from NHS Digital, we were able to demonstrate that Ally releases up to forty percent of staff time during the night, reduces resident falls up to fifty five percent and decreases hospital visits up to twenty percent.

Proven Savings:


Time Released For Staff


Fewer Night-Time Falls


Fewer Hospital Admissions

Benefits For Everyone

For Residents

Residents at care homes using Ally sleep more peacefully and get assistance faster when they need it. They are cared for by happier, more engaged staff.

For Staff

Staff are empowered to provide better assistance, and more person centered care, all with 40% more time. Staff using Ally stay longer and report higher satisfaction levels.

For Owners

Using Ally improves residents’ care outcomes, staff satisfaction, and marketability, typically delivering a 7X ROI, improved staff retention and increased bed occupancy.

For Partners

Ally is committed to improving the care technology ecosystem. As a member of CASPA we work to develop standards and promote interoperability between platforms.

For Councils and Government

Proudly supported by NHS Digital, Ally works to develop products and services that reduce the pressures on local authorities and medical systems. During the COVID-19 we’ve been tailoring our services to enhance infection control and early detection. Ally qualified for the UK’s Infection Control Fund.

What People Say

According to the CQC:

“Acoustic monitoring enabled staff to respond more promptly and appropriately to people’s support needs during the night.”

– State of Health Care and Adult Social Care In England 2016/17

“Since we installed Ally I feel so much more confident at night knowing that my staff now assist residents the moment they need it. We have seen night-time falls drop by over 50%”

Elaine Banks

Manager, Bradbury Court

“The welfare and safety of our residents is our key priority at all times. The ability to monitor remotely day and night is a huge benefit to our teams who are under additional pressure due to COVID-19.”

Steve Allen

CEO, Friends of the Elderly

“Using Ally has been transformative for our night-time care. My night staff are no longer taken away from residents to do regular checks, provide care only when needed, and have so much more knowledge of our residents’ needs, are much happier and more engaged.”

Susan Graham

Manager, Harleston House

How It Works

Ally uses a wifi-connected monitor, plugged into each resident’s room, to detect changes in their sleep through sound and motion during the night. Care staff simply switch it on for each resident at bedtime.

Our AI technology learns to differentiate between resident activity and normal background signals to detect when residents are calling for help, are awake and active, unusually restless, or in discomfort. Care staff simply check alerts on a smartphone, review sensor data, listen to audio samples, and assess whether residents need their assistance.

Get an ROI Estimate

One of the challenges for any care home when deciding to deploy new technology is the costs vs benefits received, or return on investment (ROI).

Interested in seeing how Ally’s Resident Monitor can save you organisation time and money while improving care? Enter your bed number and night-time check schedule to generate an estimate of both time and resource savings with Ally.

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