Resident Monitoring Turbocharges Care

Ally’s acoustic monitor empowers carers to be more responsive to residents while also freeing up their precious time.

Get Running In A Day

Ally’s acoustic monitors are plug-and-play, WiFi connected devices. This means setup can be done with our fully remote support team and devices and staff can be trained and ready to go within a day. 

The platform uses a mobile app that fits seamlessly into the regular routines of staff, doesn’t require additional infrastructure investment and doesn’t need to sacrifice a team member to ‘monitor’ a display at a desk during use. 


Get staff trained within a day.

Works with smartphones or tablets.

Only one device per resident room.

No complicated wiring to install.

No staff stuck at a desk.

No complex software to learn.

Product Features

Room Check Scheduling

Staff are alerted when residents need assistance. Machine learning algorithms detect meaningful events from our activity sensors, encouraging responsive care.

Care Record Integration

Ally is the first resident acoustic monitor to offer digital care record integration via our partners – seamlessly keeping your records all in one place with greater insights on resident wellness.

Management Dashboard

Receive consolidated insights about resident care and staff performance with our dashboard. View reports and changes over time to track and improve efficiencies and care.

Ally Labs' Acoustic Monitor App

Our Technology

Ally’s resident monitoring is the intersection between innovation technology and human-centered design – delivering an experience tailored to the operational needs of your home.

We take great care to make our highly smart products intuitive to use and easy to understand.

What's Acoustic Monitoring?
Each Ally device uses sound and motion sensors to monitor activity in the resident’s room. Smart algorithms filter out background noise and give staff meaningful insights into a resident’s wellbeing.
How Does Anomaly Detection Work?
Our machine learning technology uses resident’s acoustic and motion data to determine their activity. This system learns each resident’s normal sleep profiles, alerting staff to when residents are calling for help, awake and active, coughing, unusually restless, or in discomfort.
What Are AI-Driven Insights?
Taken together, these changes in residents’ wellbeing and sleeping patterns are quickly diagnosed by staff; increased coughing can indicate chest infections, a more restless night may indicate the onset of a urinary infection, temperature or cold. Staff can now take proactive action, improving residents’ care.
Ally Acoustic Monitoring means 75% fewer night-time checks, 55% fewer resident falls.

See How Ally Has Helped Homes Like Yours

Ally Resident Monitoring improves carer responsiveness, improves resident sleep, frees up staff time and saves money. It’s as simple as that.