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Ally Helps Care Homes With Infection Control

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* Updated August 2nd: Ally Resident Monitoring qualifies for the UK’s Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund to help reduce unnecessary interaction between residents and staff. Contact our team at [email protected] or book a virtual demo to learn how to qualify.

Over 2,000 UK care homes have identified suspected COVID-19 cases, as of April 14th. At this point, it is forecast that 50% of all care homes in the UK will experience cases. It is imperative that care homes take all steps possible to minimise the risk of spread across their homes, for the sake of keeping both residents and staff safe.

Care homes we work with are prioritising these three tasks:

  1. Identify and isolate the first suspected cases as fast as possible.
  2. Keep contact to a minimum: they always use PPE, and clean as much as possible. 
  3. Keep track of symptoms across all other residents to identify and isolate cases as fast as possible

In order to make this easier, Ally Labs has released two bespoke software updates to our product alongside our night-time resident monitoring system that has already been endorsed by Care England for COVID-19 infection control and is supported by NHS Digital.

These additional features include:

  1. Cough Tracking – Care Home Managers can now receive a daily report on residents who are coughing frequently. This has given managers more data-driven insight into residents’ health, and confidence to identify and isolate suspected cases faster.
  2. 24-hour Resident Monitoring – Care Homes can safely isolate residents in their rooms during the day as well as at night, using acoustic monitoring to stay informed of their wellbeing in real-time, and reducing the need to enter the room. This assists in reducing transmission risk and the use of PPE.

We are proud to have already helped several of our customers isolate cases sooner which has minimised the spread of COVID-19 in their homes, across both residents and staff. Read how Friends of the Elderly has done just that.

To see more about how we are helping care homes respond to COVID-19, including providing high-quality care with staff shortages, read our CEO’s statement on COVID-19.

If you would like to speak to us about using our patient monitoring system, please get in touch via the website or at [email protected]. The system can be installed by your team in half a day, and we can provide contact-free training via a short video session.