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Ally Labs & Nourish Care Join Forces to Enhance Night-Time Care & Falls Prevention

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The partnership promises a simplified experience for staff and furthers care homes’ ability to provide preventative care.

Ally has partnered with Nourish Care, a leading digital care platform provider to help further empower care homes to transform night-time care and prevent falls for individuals..

Ally’s resident acoustic monitoring technology allows care teams to remotely monitor the well-being of residents. By employing Ally’s state-of-the-art monitor that uses sound and motion sensors in residents’ rooms, Ally provides valuable insights into their immediate needs, sleeping habits, and overall health. This advanced monitoring approach ensures staff know when residents need care, whilst ensuring that residents can safely enjoy longer, uninterrupted sleep, resulting in improved overall well-being.

By leveraging AI algorithms, Ally can identify residents at risk, enabling proactive measures to prevent falls. In addition, it can help detect early warning signs for potential issues such as UTIs and chest infections, allowing preventive actions to be taken and help reduce the burden of hospital admissions whilst enhancing the well-being of residents.

Ally is delighted to add Nourish to our portfolio of partnerships and therefore providing our mutual customers a simplified and integrated solution. This integration will deliver staff a simplified user experience and importantly, provide transparency to a residents night time needs within Nourish’s care plans, and therefore is an exciting step towards further empowering care homes to better assess the needs of their residents and provide more proactive, preventative and person centred care.

Thomas Tredinnick, CEO & Co-Founder of Ally, said “We are hugely excited to integrate with Nourish as this represents another step forward to help care homes provide better care outcomes. Studies, in partnership with the NHS over the past two years with our existing customers have evidenced that Ally delivers a 63% reduction in falls, a 56% reduction in hospital admissions, and frees up 30% of night-staff time. By syncing our data with Nourish, care teams will have more time as well as better insights leading to even greater outcomes. I’m excited to see how together we can push to eliminate falls and preventable hospital admissions as we continue to empower care teams.”

Steve Lawrence, Nourish’s Head of Product stated “We are excited to announce our partnership with Ally. Our aim is to assist care teams in adopting innovative, preventive care models that minimise the risk of falls and enhance care outcomes by linking our two systems. By presenting timely and relevant data, we will provide greater insight into shared intelligence and enable greater operational efficiencies. We are eagerly anticipating seeing the benefits of this partnership for providers and the people they support and collaborating with Ally to further enhance the functionality of our integration and drive innovation.”

Susan Graham, Home Manager at Harleston House said “My whole team uses Nourish and being able to see the Ally events on the Nourish Timeline is really helpful. My team has a good understanding of an individual’s nighttime activity which influences the care provided throughout the day. This information alongside daily care needs paints a bigger picture.”

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