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Save Time & Money

Saving time and money while improving care sounds impossible, but with Ally it couldn’t be simpler.

Calculate Your ROI

Technology has been to detect resident needs as far back as the 1850s when small bells were placed by the beds of patients in field hospitals. Since then, technology has moved on from handbells to the call bell systems we know now. More recently, resident monitoring systems have developed as a proactive way to alert carers when residents need help. 

Ally Labs has moved this technology even further to include true artificial intelligence that identifies resident activity through sound and motion sensor and personalised it to individual residents. What’s more, we added wireless technology and a pay-monthly business model to remove the capital expenditure headaches.

One of the challenges for any care home when deciding to deploy new technology is the costs vs benefits received, or return on investment (ROI). We understand the importance of this and have ensured that the benefits of using Ally are financially quantifiable and far outstrip the operating costs.

If you enter your organisation’s current bed number and night-time check schedule below, we’ll generate an estimate of both time and resource savings you can expect when using Ally’s monitoring system.