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NHSx Case Study: Digital Care Planning Integration

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Ally worked with the NHSx, Friends of the Elderly and KareInn to develop a pilot project to demonstrate the value of integrated digital care planning software with our in-room acoustic monitor for care home residents in 2019. The results have formed part of both Ally and KareInn’s on-going product roadmaps.

Residential care homes are always looking for safer ways of working to improve outcomes for residents. With support from an NHS Digital Pathfinder grant, Friends of the Elderly worked with Ally and KareInn to link in-room acoustic monitoring with electronic care management software. The project developed a new way of working at night to safely respond to alerts rather than entering residents’ rooms to perform checks.

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Ally teamed up with KareInn, a Digital Care Planning system provider, to prove the benefits of acoustic monitoring.
Friends of the Elderly is both a long time customer and research partner of Ally.

Ally’s AI filters out background noise, builds a profile based on sound, then classifies sound as usual or unusual. Using this profile, unusual movement or calling for help alerts staff for the need for assistance. KareInn provides a digital care planning and management software tool that allows entire care home teams to share and contribute to the individual care planning of residents.

Ally’s system alerts integrate with KareInn’s care management system in real time. Putting all data in the same place ensures:

  • A holistic picture of the resident’s night-time and day-time wellbeing
  • Alignment of alerts with care notes and care plans makes it easier for staff to reassess residents’ care needs.

Get in touch if you’d like to book a demonstration of how the system integrates with care planning software.

Read more about the project on the NHSx website.