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Ally’s Technology Reduces Falls by 63%


We thought it was about time that we wrote about the Ally product features as we often talk about the benefits only, such as reducing falls or increasing new admissions, which of course are critical when it comes to a business case decision. However, sometimes those ‘on the ground’ need to know how new technology products work! 




Ally Consists of 3 Parts:

WiFi Acoustic &     Movement Monitor

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The Ally App

WiFi Acoustic & Movement Monitor

Each device features sound & motion sensors to monitor for unusual activity. Smart technology filters out background noise and alerts staff. Staff then make informed decisions on when to enter a room, which prevents unnecessarily disturbing sleeping residents.

No special skills are required to install! The units stick to the wall in each resident’s room, are plugged into a wall socket and switched on. We pre-set each unit to connect to your WiFi so anyone can fit them. They start working automatically during the first scheduled shift.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Our Machine Learning technology uses a resident’s acoustic and motion data to learn what their normal patterns of sound and movement are. This system learns each resident’s normal sleep profiles and using Artificial Intelligence it alerts staff to when residents are calling for help, awake and active, coughing, unusually restless, or in discomfort. Our cloud-based servers also convert sound and movement data into audio files that allows for ‘responsive caring’ and not ‘scheduled caring’, ultimately ensuring staff assist residents before falls occur.

The Ally App

Ally’s App can be installed on any smartphone, tablet or PC device. It is used by Carers, Care Home Manager and Senior Managers. The primary function of the app is for carers to receive alerts and then listen to the associated audio so they can make informed decisions on when to provide care, or when to leave residents to settle on their own. Other important functions include receiving alerts for scheduled safety checks, cough reports and the shift handover tool. These are detailed further below.

The Ally App Features

Alerts & Audio – Carers receive proactive alerts on their chosen device and can listen to the audio file associated with the alert to make an informed decision on whether to assist the resident.

Scheduling Room Visits – The Ally App also tells staff when a regular night-time check is due. Ally removes the need for 2-hour checks, but you have the choice to visit, for example, every 5-hours as a safety check.

Care Record Integration – Data generated by Ally can be integrated into Electronic Care Planning tools. Typically we synchronise the staff and resident information into care notes and handover processes. This seamlessly keeps your records all in one place, reducing admin, improves outcomes from greater insights on resident wellness. Ally is the only Acoustic Monitoring provider to offer this integration.

Shift Handover Tool – This tool is used by night staff when handing over to the day staff. It provides insights on each resident’s sleep/night-time activity that can have a significant impact on the wellbeing of the resident during the day. Day staff are then empowered to provide the right care for each resident, which impacts on the resident but also the staff as they have the comfort of knowing they are ‘caring right’.

Cough Monitoring – Our AI cough detection tool alerts care staff specifically when residents are coughing (typically used at night). This can help with the early diagnosis of underlying conditions that can reduce hospital admissions by 20% and medicines required for later-stage illnesses.

Our Residents Lives Have Been Transformed:

“We have learned so much about our residents through Ally’s system, which means we can provide care tailored for their particular needs.”

Elaine, Care Home Manager, Friends of The Elderly