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Case Study: Royal Star & Garter – Our journey to Acoustic Monitoring

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Royal Star & Garter embarked on a strategic journey to elevate resident care through the adoption of cutting-edge acoustic monitoring technology. Kelda Fasai, Head of Care Projects and a pivotal figure within the organisation, shares the motivations, evaluation and selection process and journey they went through which resulted in the selection of Ally as their chosen partner to help deliver enhanced resident well-being.

Motivation and pain points

The driver behind the adoption of acoustic monitoring was a combination of an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in the care Royal Star & Garter provides and the desire to find solutions to address the challenges around falls prevention. What was key for Royal Star & Garter was a need to explore acoustic monitoring solutions which would form an integral part of their suite of care solutions and that aligned with their ethos of continual improvement. Kelda said:

“We came to the conclusion that we wanted acoustic monitoring to work alongside our other solutions –  the opportunity to innovate is  at the heart of everything that Royal Star & Garter does.

Thorough evaluation and considerations

The journey towards acoustic monitoring was marked by a meticulous evaluation process spanning several months. Royal Star & Garter engaged with multiple market leading providers, meticulously examining each offering against their stringent criteria. The decision to partner with Ally stemmed from the alignment of values, seamless integration potential, and Ally’s commitment to providing solutions beyond mere operational efficiencies. Kelda explained:

“When we started looking at acoustic monitoring, we really explored the creme de la creme on the market. What we were looking for was an organisation whose values would match ours and that we could partner with, and we really found that with Ally Cares.  We found them to be very responsive and ultimately, we loved the product.”

Selection process

Ally emerged as the preferred choice for Royal Star & Garter, as it offered comprehensive integration capabilities with its new care planning system with PCS, an intuitive user interface through the Ally app plus and an easy-to-use dashboard. Ally’s solution offered multiple benefits from better sleep, reduced night-time falls and optimised care delivery so residents would have a greater sense of well-being. Kelda shared the reasons for their choice:

“Ally came out right on top for a number of different reasons.  Not only did the value set match, but the ease of use from dashboard and back end to what night staff would be physically using via the app. It ticked so many boxes it was honestly a no-brainer to move forward with Ally.” Kelda Fasai, Head of Care Projects

““We had recently invested in a new care planning system with PCS and quickly understood that Ally integrated with that, which was a major bonus. The wellbeing of our residents‘ is absolutely key so if we can support them to have a greater sense of that then we’re there. Ally’s solution offered multiple benefits from better sleep, more effective checking and supporting residents when they really need that, not just when we think they do, “”
Kelda Fasai, Head of Care Projects

Seamless onboarding and early outcomes

The onboarding process and transition went smoothly and seamlessly as this was supported by comprehensive training sessions and ongoing support. Early data insights showcased promising improvements in responsiveness, validating the positive impact of Ally’s implementation as Kelda explains:

“Our onboarding experience with Ally has been fantastic and really first class.  When it came to the implementation day, it was just so smooth. We had a number of different training sessions for different groups and were blown away by the professionalism and how nice the trainer was – especially as he stayed with the night staff after training them. Post implementation, we had weekly catch ups between Ally and our team which gave us an opportunity to ask questions.  Without those sessions I don’t know if our own internal knowledge would be as good as it is”

Case Study: Royal Star & Garter – Our journey to Acoustic Monitoring

Staff and resident feedback and reception

Staff feedback highlights the positive reception of Ally’s technology. Key internal champions have actively supported its adoption, ensuring a smooth transition and driving enthusiasm among colleagues. In addition to this, initial feedback from colleagues has also been optimistic, acknowledging the potential for enhanced care outcomes as Kelda outlines:

“Comments from our colleagues using the Ally system have been positive. The data shows that our levels of responsiveness are really fast. That’s something we and the night team are incredibly proud of because they can see where they’re improving and getting better week on week”

Realising perceived benefits and future collaboration

In the nascent stages of implementation, Royal Star & Garter anticipates tangible benefits from the implementation of the Ally Resident Monitoring solution. Their strategic focus is now firmly on utilising data analytics to optimise check-in times, promoting better sleep quality for residents, and ultimately enhancing their wellbeing.  

As Royal Star & Garter continues their partnership with Ally, the focus remains on continuous improvement and realising the full potential of acoustic monitoring. This partnership, grounded in a shared commitment to exceptional care, holds promise for further enriching resident experiences and setting new benchmarks in the realm of innovative care solutions. Kelda concludes:

“I think we will really see the benefits as a team when we can come together and start looking at how we can stretch people’s check-in time. The AI algorithm understands the resident’s patterns and behaviours.  That’s our next step so we can support our residents further into having a better night’s sleep. And of course that  will mean they’re feeling better about themselves and they can have a greater sense of wellbeing”

Watch our entire interview with Kelda Fasai, Head of Care Project at Royal Star & Garter below: