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Power Up Your Care – The Benefits of PCS & Ally Integration

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Ally is delighted to have teamed up with Person Centred Software (PCS) to launch a webinar series exploring the benefits of integrating Ally’s Resident Monitoring System with Person Centre Software (PCS) – Connected Care Suite to help care homes deliver the best, proactive and individual approach to care for residents. 

There are four webinars planned over the next four months which are designed to showcase how by combining Ally with PCS’s wider care suite helps complete a key part of the resident’s care picture by giving care homes an understanding of resident’s care needs and well-being when they are alone in their room.  This insight can be used to personalise resident’s care plans, so they are healthy and happier for longer.

Webinar 1: Using sleep patterns to identify changes in resident's wellbeing

Webinar 1 

In this webinar, we focused on how the combination of Ally’s intelligent sleep monitoring solution and with PCS’s Connected Care Suite allows you to:

  • Improve your resident’s sleep
  • Act on well-being changes early
  • Help residents sleep 50% longer on average
  • Identify the root causes of any sleep changes
  • Outline of actions that can be taken
  • How to measure improvements

Bookmark this page and check regularly for details of the next 3 webinars.

Webinar Hosts

Thomas, formerly an aerospace engineer turned innovator in resident care for UK homes. He founded Ally Cares to address staff challenges, using AI, motion, and sound tech to reduce falls by ~63%, hospital admissions by ~56%, and free up ~30% of staff time, according to NHS Digital. He is committed to shaping a more efficient future for UK care.

Thomas Tredinnick

CEO, Ally Cares

Andrew has 16 years of experience working with well-known social care software solutions; he is passionate about how innovative technology can help maximise the effectiveness of the support people require and make a real difference in their lives.  

Andrew’s focus at Person Centred Software is to ensure that every staff member working in care is continually supported with the tools they need to help them provide better person-centred care and achieve better outcomes for those receiving care.

Andrew Coles

Chief Product Officer, PCS

Rhys joined Person Centred Software in May 2018 and is responsible for working with care providers across the UK to help drive outstanding care through innovative software solutions which improves the lives of everyone involved in social care. He is passionate about digital transformation within the care industry as he believes, through a person-centred approach to the use of technology and data, it dramatically improves the quality and safety of care. 

Rhys Kidd-Scannell

Head of Sales, PCS